Monday, 30 April 2012

Point of arrival #1 - The Wrens 'I've made enough friends'

This is going to be one of those semi-regular, can't-think-of-anything-better-to-write posts where I'm going to have a stab at investigation my favourite bits of music, not whole songs, but the little moments within them which makes them great (though I'll admit up front that the little moments often depend on the whole song to elevate them, thus Point of arrival). It seems only fitting I kick off with a Wrens track though I'm back-tracking a bit, to their second album 'Secaucus', released in 1996, to track 12, 'I've made enough friends.'

Weighing in at 2.48 it's nigh on perfect pop but it squeezes a lot into the time. This is less about classical pop song structure (verse, verse, chorus etc.) and more about poetry with musical accompaniment. In isolation the title reads as pure statement but as the song develops we come to understand it is also part plea and part burning frustration. At 1.50 we hit the songs raw nerve. The music drops back, the harmonies take over, "I've made enough friends".

Check out the lyrics here and give it a listen. I guarantee you won't spend a better 2.48 today.

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